Our company offers a wide-range of professional services related to general cleaning and detailing. Each one of our categories includes a detailed list of unique services that are guaranteed to leave your vehicle in top-notch condition.

Most Cars / Trucks, SUV's, Vans

Quick Wash


Super Wash

Vehicle hand washed, liquid waxed, chamied dry, wheels cleaned & tires dressed
$20 / $25

General Clean-up

Includes Super Wash plus vacuuming of interior & trunk, shampooing of floor mats, wipe down dash, clean & polish windows
$59.95 / $69.95

Standard Detail

Includes General Clean-Up plus cleaning & dressing of all vinyl, doors, dash & console
$89.95 / $99.95

Complete Detail

Includes Standard Detail plus shampooing of seats, floors, trunk, & headliner (roof), Leather cleaned and conditioned, vehicle dried
$159.95 / $179.95

Ultimate Detail

Includes Supreme Detail plus, 2 Step Buff & Engine Shampoo
$299.95 / $349.95

Exterior Detar & Acid Bath

Remove road tar & brake dust, clay bar for maximum smoothness
$50& up / $60& up

Exterior Hand Wax

Includes (Detar & Acid Bath)Tar & grime removal, acid bath to remove brake dust,Clay bar for contaminants & smoothness, Paste Wax applied & removed by hand to protect finish
$99.95/ $119.95

Exterior Buffing and Polishing

1 Step Buff – Machine Applied Wax: $125/ $150
2 Step Buff – Machine Applied Glaze & hand Wax: $175/ $200
3 Step Buff – Machine Applied Compound, Machine Applied Glaze & Hand Wax: $250 / $300

Engine Shampoo and Detail

Engine degreased & cleaned, dressed for the “New Look”
$39.95 / $49.95

Carpet Dying & Spots

$40 & up / $49.95 & up

Auto Odour Eliminator (AOE)

Vaporizes, decontaminates, & deodorizes eliminating all odors. Highly recommend doing the complete interior package with this otherwise smells may return. Will require vehicle for a full day. $80

SMART EXTRAS - Choose any three & save 10%

  1. Paint Sealant: For long lasting shine & protection $175/200
  2. Fabric Protection: 3 coats applied $75/$100
  3.  Leather Conditioning: Keeps your leather from drying out $50/$75
  4. Headlight Restoration: Starting from $29.95
  5. Wheel Polishing $25
  6. Rock Chip Repair: Rock chip repair; Road rash repair. Ask us for a quote!

Prices determined on vehicle size and condition

The team at Polished 2 Perfection pays extreme attention to every detail on your vehicle. Your vehicle must pass each inspection before it is allowed to move on to the next stage in our detailing process. This ensures that you are left with an expert finish that is guaranteed to satisfy you. By using the best materials and products, the best machinery and hiring the best employees we are able to stay far ahead of even the closest competition. Our goal is to deliver your vehicle back to you in a condition that exceeds your expectations and proves to you that Polished 2 Perfection is the best auto detailer in the industry. Come by our impressive location so you can see for yourself how serious we take the art of cleaning, detailing and restoration.