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Polished to Perfection is proud to be a "Canadian Auto Exchange" Dealer!

Our Mission is Simple!

We simply want to help people buy and sell their vehicles in a safe, professional environment!
Lets face it, the concept of “Consignment” isn’t a new one, there have been business and people who have tried in the past to accent their business by offering their clients the ability to market their vehicle on the lot along with the businesses existing inventory and taking a percentage of the sale proceeds upon sale. The truth is, when that happens, how often does the sales person go to that vehicle knowing that there is no “Big Margin” or do they go to the most expensive vehicle to try to grab that higher dollar commission?

Our Unique concept is flat fee base and therefore doesn’t single out any particular vehicle. We play fair and genuinely enjoy what we do; that makes the difference!

If you don’t want to stomach the thought of negotiating a trade-in price only to drive by the dealership the next week to see it offered for approximately 15%-25% more or if you sell it yourself, you could possibly bring in the vehicles’s true worth, but the idea of strangers visiting your home at all hours and missed appointments than please get in touch.

The Problem is clear: there should be a way for private sellers to get what their car is worth, but without the time and hassle required.  At the same time, a buyer should be able to buy a car, know they’re getting a good deal through a transparent process, and feel good about the experience.There IS a better way.

We invite you to come visit Canadian Auto Exchange and see for yourself!
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